New Moon and SAG Leaders Meet

New Moon

The Twilight sequel, New Moon, due out November of this year may be getting more tween star-power.

Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical fame, who was rumored to be up for the role of werewolf Leah Clearwater, has apparently auditioned for the role. In a quick interview on the red carpet of the Golden Globes on Sunday, Twilight actress Ashley Greene was asked to comment on the potential new co-star. Enthusiastically, Green answered, “I think she’d be great.”

The Twilight series has a big enough following on its own but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind drawing a few fans from High School Musical to sweeten the pot.

Sources: MTV and eonline

SAG Leaders Hold Emergency Meeting

Have no fear, it looks like film entertainment won’t be interrupted in the near future.

It appears SAG board members, in an emergency two-day meeting in Los Angeles, will be putting the strike-authorization vote on hold. If guild members were to vote, a 75 percent yes vote would be needed to authorize a strike.

The strike authorization is not the only topic being discussed. The new moderate majority may also try to remove the current lead negotiator, Doug Allen due to increasing frustrations with his tactics surrounding the strike-authorization. The moderates, who gained control of the board four months ago, are eager to make changes in the organization.

Source: Variety



  1. angi says:

    I have just read that Vanessa Hugdens from High School Musical is thinking or has already auditioned for the New Moon as Leah Clearwater. I just don’t see how can a pink-ribbon girl who sings like a Cinderella and swirls around dancing happily, be in the role of werewolf Leah. I know that it’s called acting where actor/actresses adapt to the given role, but you still have to have some features that are connecting with the character. I think justice has to be done to the characters in New Moon. With all due respect High School Musical should not be compared in any way to Twilight series.

  2. jadeddraconis says:

    oh puhleze! the only good about Vanessa is her singing voice and Leah wont need it. Leah needs some one who has a stronger personality.. Not the leading star from HSM who can only look overly sweet when acting. Vanessa lacks substance. She doesn’t have the Leah aura in her.. sorry..

  3. becca says:

    i agree with jadeddraconis. vanessa just doesn’t have the face, the attitude, or well, the body to play leah. she lacks more than just simple substance. leah has to be someone that can be seen as someone who can handle herself and well. also, she must be built for speed. nope, vanessa just won’t cut it.

  4. S says:

    The whole series is a bust. The only reason why people go crazy was because of the books and all the girls out that wish all of this were true. I give the whole series storyline is alright. But all of that was ruined by the actors and the director. All of them lack the conviction of an actor to play these roles. The only one that is good is the girl that dates the vampire and maybe the guy warewolf. The best actor would be Dakota Fanning, she is a wonderful actor. Everyone else sucks bad, really bad.

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