TSR Buzz: Movie Awards, Darth Vader, Parks and Recreation theme song, and Nic Cage’s hair

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  • Darth Vader gets it done no matter what the size. Here is proof that Star Wars can easily live on forever no matter what George Lucas does.

Volkswagen Commercial: The Force

  • I thought wrestling was dead. Thanks to Bill Simmons (aka The Sports Guy) for sharing this link.

That’s the Most Illegal Thing I’ve Seen in the History of Wrestling!

  • I used to watch Solid Gold. Yup, that’s how old I am. And now look at me, I’m stealing tweets from Nick Allen (who does the TSR Buzz on Tuesday). I bet he was hoping to use this. But here’s the thing, nothing will break my stride. Three keyboards.

Matthew Wilder – Break My Stride (Solid Gold)

  • There’s a good chance Nick Allen has posted this clip already. I just don’t care. Let’s watch again, shall we?

The Evolution of Nicolas Cage’s Hair


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