Remember Me – interviews with Robert Pattinson

You know, he’s not just Edward Cullen from The Twilight Saga, Robert Pattinson plans on proving that in his new film Remember Me, due out March 19.

Pattinson did a three-part interview, taking questions from fans. He talks about working with Ruby Jerins (instead of Kristen Stewart). He also talks about working with the former Bond, James Bond … Pierce Brosnan, and what he liked about the script to make him take the role in Remember Me.

Remember Me is a film about two lovers (Pattinson and Jerins) whose new relationship is threatened while they are trying to cope with family tragedies.

And now on with the Pattinson show …


  1. dandelion says:

    i can bet my last dime in my pocket ~ if he didn’t take up the role to play edward cullen, no matter how many other movies he signed in, he wouldn’t be as “famous” as now ~ just face it, there’s so much room for improvement of his acting skills ~

  2. dandelion says:

    one more thing, he? edward cullen? edward looks way much better in my head ~

  3. robfan says:

    You, very obviously, have not seen his other films. He is a brillant actor. I have enjoyed watching his films that were done overseas. Don’t be a hater.

  4. robfan says:

    Stephanie Meyer thought Rob was great for the role as Edward. I believe if the author of the book liked him for the role, and has even said that she invisioned Edward and Rob was perfect for it, then who are any of us to knock what was partly her decision?

  5. robfan says:

    Rob is a brillant young actor and will only grow as he receives better and better roles to play. I will truly enjoy watching “Remember Me.” I enjoy him in roles other than Edward. All his true fans would. Give him a chance and he will WOW you. He WOWed me. I am a commited Rob fan!

  6. Patte says:

    Rob is a brilliant actor! He is a very talented character actor. I have seen 5 films he has been in and they are excellent. And he only gets better with age! Check out some of his other films, you’ll see his talent in all of them, dandelion. px

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