When in Rome – interviews with Kristen Bell, Josh Dushmael, Danny DeVito and Will Arnet

When in Rome … man, I hope you’re cute. Because right now it looks like it’s going to be a struggle to enjoy. Though I have to say, seeing DeVito do just about anything is always a fun train wreck to watch.

Interview with Kristen Bell, who plays Beth.

1. On her character.
2. On Josh Duhamel.
3. On having fun on the set.
4. On the director.
5. On the Fountain.

Interview with Josh Duhamel, who plays Nick.

1. On his character.
2. On Kristen Bell.
3. On Nick’s relationship with Beth.
4. On Nick and Beth’s similarities.
5. On doing comedy.

Interview with Will Arnett, who plays Antonio.

1. On filming in Rome.
2. On his character.
3. On Antonio’s murals.

Interview with Danny DeVito, who plays Al.

1. On Kristen Bell.
2. On being part of the cast.
3. On what the audience can expect.


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