The Fantastic Mr. Fox interviews with Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray and Wes Anderson

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane … CLICK HERE to read Bayer’s interview with Jason Schwartzman and Wes Anderson for The Darjeeling Limited.

That was nice. And now on to the future with The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Stop-motion, George Clooney, Murray, things that are fantastic … yeah, I’m excited about this film.

Schwartzman voices Ash in the film. Anybody watching his HBO show “Bored to Death”? I saw the first episode, now I am just sitting on all the others, I figure it will make great viewing on a plane in the near future.

Bill Murray voices Badger in the movie. Can we get him to host “Saturday Night Live” to help promote the film? Is that too much to ask?

Wes Anderson is the director of The Fantastic Mr. Fox. And since we don’t have Clooney or Meryl Strep interviews here, we’ll have Anderson talk to us about having those two Oscar winners in his film.


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