Best Year of Movies? The Finals – VOTE NOW

What year had the best movies? That is what The Scorecard Review is trying to find out.

To decide what year has the best movies, we’re starting with 2010 and working backwards 32 years. Why 32? Because then we can put it in a bracket just like the NCAA Final Four. For each year, TSR has listed seven notable films. The key word is notable. Well, actually films would be the key word, but you get my point. Yes, you should consider any and all movies from a given year. I just gave you a reference to some of the key movies in a given year. Why seven? Well, we do TOP 7 lists, so that’s why we’ve helped you out with seven suggestions from that year.

Now, I don’t want to tell you how you should vote, but here’s how you should vote …
Don’t do this — Well, Star Wars is my favorite film, so 1977 wins every time. Consider the entire year of films and how it ranks.
The latest year goes against the earliest year, the second latest year against the second earliest, and so on and so forth.

The semifinals are over. Now, only 2 movie years remain. It’s 1994 vs 1980. Vincent Vega and Andy Dufresne vs Jake LaMotta and Joliet Jake Blues. Kevin Smith and Robert Zemeckis vs Stanley Kubrick and Irvin Kershner. It’s going to be a battle. Who will win?

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Clerks – Pulp Fiction – Four Weddings and a Funeral – The Lion King – Speed – The Shawshank Redemption – Forrest Gump
Raging Bull – The Empire Strikes Back – Airplane! – The Shining – The Blues Brothers – Caddyshack – Ordinary People

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  1. Farfle says:

    This was great. I loved this movie tournament bracket, thanks a lot!

    Man, 1994 was a powerhouse, not a single close match-up in all its rounds, including the Finals. Its closest competitor was a well-respected 1999, but still won by an impressive 17 (%) points over it.

    There needs to be a loser’s bracket tournament to see which competitor comes in as runner up. 1999vs2008 would seem to be the popular predicable Final, but I think 1979 or 1995 could give the tournament a few surprises too.

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