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'Life As We Know It' starring Katherine Heigl - trailer review

Life As We Know It Directed by: Greg Berlanti Starring: Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel, Christina Hendricks Rating: NR Release Date: October 8, 2010


MY THOUGHTS: Katherine Heigl is pretty much hit or miss for most people. Personally, Emmy politics aside, she's OK by me. I may not love or even watch a ton of her movies, but nostalgia and the Disney channel original movie Wish Upon a Star kind of give her a get out of jail free card. As for Josh Duhame l... well, he's pretty. As one of the more forgettable "actors", that's really all I can say about him. Judging from this trailer, audiences can expect a re-hash of Knocked Up paired with Raising Helen. I get it, the whole "opposites attract" angle has always been very big in movies, but seriously? Someone in Hollywood needs to give it a rest. That doesn't mean there are no good parts of the trailer though. There are a couple of moments where I got a chuckle, but nothing uproarious. As for the parts that clearly weren't intended as comedy? They just feel maudlin and melodramatic. If you're looking for emotional sincerity, you might have better luck with a Lifetime movie or a re-run of "7th Heaven" before catching this flick. And on a side note, it's good to see "Mad Men" beauty Christina Hendricks outside of the offices of Sterling & Cooper, even if it is in the capacity of a dead woman. Oh, and for any studio execs reading? I get it, babies poop. You can stop writing jokes about poop face into your movies now.

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