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Life As We Know It - Blu-ray review

Blu-ray Review

Life As We Know It

Directed by: Greg Berlanti Cast: Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel, Christina Hendricks, Josh Lucas, Melissa McCarthy Running Time: 1 hr 55 mins Rating: PG-13 Due Out: February 8, 2011

Available on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD, On Demand and for Download 2/8!

PLOT: After the death of their mutual friends, two mismatched singles are forced to raise a baby together.

WHO'S IT FOR? If you saw and/or still remember the movie Raising Helen you might be able to go for this one. It’s definitely aimed for the romantic comedy crowd, but with a touch of drama. Fans of Heigl’s rom com stylings and her weepy-eyed turn on "Grey’s Anatomy" will definitely want to tune in for this.


Life As We Know It is one of those movies that I can honestly say I never would have paid money to see if it weren’t for this job. The combination of Raising Helen and The Back-Up Plan, which is pretty much what this movie is, isn’t something that usually appeals to me.

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised by Life As We Know It. Sure, it’s not taking home any Oscars or anything, but for a distraction it wasn’t half bad. There were times were it was overly dramatic to the point of boredom, but it was offset by a few moments of genuine humor.

Its biggest fault is its use of characters. Holly had the ability to be a compelling female lead, but instead Berlanti relegates her to the category of “career woman who’s too busy to think about having a baby, but feels like something is missing in her life.” There are moments when we see the character break out of that shell, but unfortunately, they are few and far between. As for Messer, the womanizing frat boy in a grown man’s body thing is beyond saving. Duhamel works in the role, but only because I’m not too sure how much he’s acting.

In the end, Life As We Know It is not without its problems, but then again, what life isn’t? Instead, enjoy it for what it is and just go along for the ride.



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