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'Secretariat' starring Diane Lane - trailer review

Secretariat Directed by: Randall Wallace Starring: Diane Lane, Dylan Walsh, John Malkovich Rating: PG Release Date: October 8, 2010


MY THOUGHTS: If you saw Seabiscuit it feels like you’ve seen this movie. I mean, sure it’s a different cast and a different social stigma that horse and trainer overcome, but you get the gist. Nevertheless, this movie got made. It looks like a good cast, but that can’t save it from the formulaic feel good, underdog sports drama that Disney churns out year after year. Diane Lane may have had some outstanding debts that contractually forced her to do this one, but after Untraceable my faith in Lane is pretty much dead. The real reason I was excited when I saw this was because I saw Dylan Walsh aka Sean from “Nip/Tuck" was listed as part of the cast. When I started the trailer and saw Dylan Baker I was disheartened and thought they had mistakenly credited Walsh instead of Baker. That was until Walsh was shown about 30 seconds in for a few seconds. I’m hoping that isn’t the extent of his role, but who knows? Other than that, this movie doesn’t have a whole lot going for it, maybe something I’d watch on a plane, but never really seek out on my own. Oh yeah, and Disney? Don’t use the phrase “based on the impossible true story.” We all know Secretariat wins, so it’s not really “impossible,” now is it?

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