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'Super 8' directed by J.J. Abrams - teaser trailer review

Super 8 - Teaser Trailer Directed by: J.J. Abrams Starring: Unknown Rating: NR Release Date: TBA 2011


MY THOUGHTS: Well, as we reach the peak season of movies and look back fondly on what J.J. Abrams gave us last year with Star Trek, never fear. J.J. Abrams next cryptic trailer is out. The trailer gives you pieces of information, but nothing really concrete. The only thing people can get out of it is its involvement with Area 51, but even that’s not much to go on. These “pique your interest” trailers of Abram’s a la Cloverfield are entertaining enough to watch, but that’s not the real fun. I admit I cheated a little and after watching the trailer, went to the IMDb message boards. Although the trailer intrigues me and I certainly have some questions, what I love about this trailer and even Cloverfield’s initial teaser trailer is the talk it generates. Watching people theorize and coming up with my own theories is what these trailer’s are all about. Check it out for yourself.

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