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'Buried' starring Ryan Reynolds - teaser trailer review

Buried – Teaser Trailer Directed by: Rodrigo Cortes Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Stephen Toblowsky, Ivana Mino Rating: NR Release Date: September 24, 2010


MY THOUGHTS: I never saw the day coming that I’d be giving a Ryan Reynolds movie such attention, but alas, the day has finally come where he’s earned it for something other than his abs. One of the things that’s so compelling about Buried is how quickly it’s able to establish the atmosphere and the feel of the film. Maybe this is just me, but from one claustrophobic to another, just watching a minute of this movie was so anxiety-inducing, but weirdly enough, in the best way. For any fans of The Descent out there (I’m talking to you Morrow) I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about. I mean, sure The Descent had monsters, but what always freaked me out more was the tight squeeze of the film. In Buried it’s that claustrophobia times ten. More than that, it’s difficult to pull off a movie that, at least from the looks of it, really only stars one guy, especially when you throw Ryan Reynolds into the mix with no opportunity for sarcastic quips. Still, my hopes for the movie itself are high and based on the teaser trailer, it shows no signs of disappointment for me.

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