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'Super 8' starring Kyle Chandler - trailer review

Super 8 Directed by: J.J. Abrams Starring: Kyle Chandler, Elle Fanning, Ron Eldard Rating: NR Release Date: June 10, 2011


MY THOUGHTS: Every so often there's a movie that can't stand its own hype. After a very promising teaser trailer, Super 8 looks like it might just be one of those movies. I mean, think about it, the teaser trailer kinda had it all. The stunning visuals, the mystery, and most importantly, two big names (Abrams and Spielberg, for those wondering) attached to it.

So what's missing here? Well, nothing's missing per se, but there's something different. The trailer tries to piece together a semblance of a story, while maintaining that air of mystery. the only problem is... well, the story itself. The concept of a couple of kids witnessing this freak accident is just so flat. It reminds me of Spielberg's nostalgia for his lost youth, mixed with Abrams' geek-like tendencies and fascination with filming within the world of film, like in Cloverfield. In fact, if it weren't the stunning visuals and the impressive sound design, I probably would've fallen asleep by the end of the trailer. Instead, it tries to make sense of everything, while losing the central mystery.

Still, I'd be lying if I said I really cared about the story. I'm not in it for the story. As a Friday Night Lights fan, I'm in it for Kyle Chandler, but the movie isn't without its own charms. It looks devastatingly cinematic. I can just picture it now, the crashes and the explosions thundering throughout the movie theater. The only problem is that I'm not sure if this trailer sells me on paying the ten bucks to see it in the theater. But if there was anything to draw me in, this trailer sells "epic blockbuster" like there's no tomorrow. If it weren't for the sad attempt at narrative, it'd be a solid action trailer, but luckily, they amp up the action for the second half and deliver something with serious blockbuster potential and excitement.


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