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Shutter Island - Trailer

Miss the good ol' moments when Martin Scorsese made psychological thrillers? Well whimper no more, as this October the Departed director is bound to bring the A-grade head games with his adaptation of Dennis Lehane's novel, Shutter Island. Lehane's work has been previously been adapted for films like Gone Baby Gone and Mystic River. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as U.S Marshall Teddy Daniels, who with the help of partner Chuck Aule (played by Mark Ruffalo) investigate mysterious business in a mental asylum for the criminally insane off the coast of Massachusetts. Jackie Earle Haley, Ben Kingsley, Emily Mortimer, Patricia Clarkson, Elias Koteas and Michelle Williams also star.

Even having read the book, this trailer is pretty exciting. Some intense performances are promised, from all different corners of crazy. Jackie Earle Haley is certain to be one to watch in a role that might out whack his taking on of Rorschach in Watchmen. However, also having read the book, I warn viewers not to look too deep into the trailer. For the sake of creating mystery, this preview dances right on the line of revealing the secret held within the story. I advise you to check out Shutter Island's trailer, but get your mind out of there as soon as possible.

Shutter Island opens October 2, 2009.

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