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Box Office Review: 'Dolphin Tale' Flops Up On Top

Box office estimates for the weekend of September 30 to October 2 Rank. Movie Title – Weekend Gross | Theaters | Total Gross | Week # … [The Scorecard Review final score]

1. Dolphin Tale - $14,245,000 I 3,515 I $37,516,000 I 2 ... [TSR 5/10] 2. Moneyball - $12,500,000 I 2,993 I $38,469,000 I 2 ... [TSR 9/10] 3. The Lion King (in 3D) - $11,057,000 I 2,340 I $79,652,000 I 3 ... [Not Reviewed] 4. 50/50 - $8,858,000 I 2,458 I $8,858,000 I 1 ... [TSR 9/10] 5. Courageous - $8,800,000 I 1,161 I $8,800,000 I 1 ... [Not Screened]

Source: www.boxofficemojo.com

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This weekend was definitely a doozy. After a somewhat lackluster premiere, Dolphin Tale bounced back and actually took the lead at the box office. Moneyball stuck to second place, with its impressive word of mouth. The Brad Pitt baseball drama looks like it has some staying power. Lion King fell to number three, but it's still holding on to multimillion dollar takes at the weekend box office in its impressive re-release.

Finally, in the fourth spot, we have a newcomer. 50/50 generated some great reviews, including one from our own Jeff Bayer (9/10), but it looks like it may not spend that long in the Top 5.

The fifth film on our top five is the religious drama Courageous. After never having heard of this movie, I was surprised to see it even in fifth place but it clearly must have scored with its target demographic.

Calhoun Kersten vs. Aaron Ruffcorn

Each weekend Kersten and Ruffcorn go head to head in the Box Office Challenge, trying to pick the correct Number One film in America and how much money it will make.

Calhoun Kersten’s prediction for the weekend of September 30 – October 2 …

1. Lion King ($19 Million)

Aaron Ruffcorn’s prediction for the weekend of September 30 – October 2 …

1. 50/50 ($15 Million)

This weekend ... No one wins...

Season record: 8-8

Thoughts by TSR: Honestly, did anyone see Dolphin Tale rising up to take the top spot this weekend?

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