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Box Office Review: 'Lion King 3D' takes out 'Contagion,' 'Drive'

Box office estimates for the weekend of September 16-18 Rank. Movie Title – Weekend Gross | Theaters | Total Gross | Week # … [The Scorecard Review final score]

1. The Lion King (in 3D) - $29,300,000 I 2,330 I $29,300,000 I 1 ... [Not Reviewed] 2. Contagion - $14,480,000 I 3,222 I $44,192,000 I 2 ... [TSR 6/10] 3. Drive (2011) - $11,019,000 I 2,886 I $11,019,000 I 1 ... [TSR9/10] 4. The Help - $6,438,000 I 3,014 I $147,365,000 I 6 ... [TSR 6/10] 5. Straw Dogs (2011) - $5,000,000 I 2,408 I $5,000,000 I 1 ... [TSR 4/10] Source: www.boxofficemojo.com

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This weekend saw Simba and the gang return to the big screen with the 3D release of The Lion King. I guess you can't put a price on a childhood memory, but if you could, it seems Disney is guessing it's somewhere in the ballpark of $29 million, making it the clear winner of the weekend.

Contagion took second with an estimated $14 million. In an uncanny display of box office challenge magic, Ruffcorn managed to guess the movie's earnings, but it still wasn't enough to bring it into first.

Kersten seemed to overestimate the power of rave reviews. He guessed that Drive would bring home the bacon, but instead, it stalled into third.

The Help fell again this weekend, landing in fourth place in its sixth weekend of release. Not bad for a movie, but the question of its staying power remains. Will it make the cut next weekend?

It seems like Straw Dogs certainly won't. After being critically blasted, the remake earned a meager $5 million in its first weekend release. It seems safe to say that that dog just won't hunt.

Calhoun Kersten vs. Aaron Ruffcorn

Each weekend Kersten and Ruffcorn go head to head in the Box Office Challenge, trying to pick the correct Number One film in America and how much money it will make.

Calhoun Kersten’s prediction for the weekend of September 16-18 …

1. Drive ($23 Million)

Aaron Ruffcorn’s prediction for the weekend of September 16-18 …

1. Contagion ($14 Million)

This weekend ... No one Wins!

Season record: 8-8

Thoughts by TSR: No one could have guessed the allure of 3D childhood nostalgia.

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