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Box Office Challenge: 'Abduction,' 'Killer Elite' and 'Moneyball'

Box Office Challenge

What movie will be No. 1 at the box office?

Hitting the screens this weekend ...

Abduction Dolphin Tale 3D Killer Elite Moneyball

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Calhoun said it best, in a prior email, when he offered, "man, shit weekend for movies." I couldn't agree more, though Moneyball has been reviewed very positively, and being a fan of baseball, I am somewhat interested in that one.

Abduction, starring Twilight's Taylor Lautner looks unbearably horrible, and to date, has a Rotten Tomatoes score of zero percent. That's hard to do. Abduction marks the return of director John Singleton (Boyz n the Hood), after a six year hiatus from Hollywood. I hear he's been in talks with Ice Cube about doing a biopic on N.W.A., but I believe that's premature. If this film is bad as I've heard it is, Singleton might be out of work, permanently. Twilight fans may be Singleton's saving grace though, as this film could make a decent buck, thanks to the scores of adoring teens calling themselves Lautner fans -- are there really that many out there though? We'll find out this weekend.

Killer Elite looks to continue the (as-of-late) hum-drum careers of Jason Statham, Clive Owen and Robert De Niro. I suppose this one could be good, but it just reeks of rehash. Part of me is happy though, that brainless action films are still being made and produced for the mainstream. That's good. Everyone needs some brainless action from time to time.

Dolphin Tale 3D. I am completely shocked that they didn't call it Dolphin Tail 3D, that would have been just too cute. Lord, I'm sick of 3D. "Whoa! Flipper came out of the screen and almost hit my face! How cool!" How lame, who cares. Anyway, 3D-hating aside...this film will likely test well amongst children, and it's received high marks from the critics, thus far. Not really my bag of tricks, but this film boasts a strong cast (Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd), and it's supposedly a pretty heart-warming tail, er tale.

Each week Calhoun Kersten and Aaron Ruffcorn go head to head in a Box Office Challenge. Who will win? Maybe you. Calhoun will be back Monday with the Box Office Review. Tune in to find out who wins.

We’ll take a look at the box office and see if we can’t nail the Number 1 film in the U.S. Whoever is closest, wins. But really, if they aren't within $2 million, it's not very impressive.

It’s harder than you think. If you don’t believe, let’s see what your answers are.

Calhoun Kersten's prediction for the weekend of September 23 - 25 …

1. Abduction ($19 Million)

Aaron Ruffcorn's prediction for the weekend of September 23 - 25 …

1. Moneyball ($20 Million)

So what's your guess for the Number 1 movie at the box office this weekend?

Dolphin Tale

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