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Box Office Review: 'Unknown' barely beats 'I Am Number Four' and 'Gnomeo'

Box office estimates for the weekend of February 18-20 Rank. Movie Title – Weekend Gross | Theaters | Total Gross | Week # … [The Scorecard Review final score]

1. Unknown - $21,770,000 I 3,043 I $21,770,000 I 1... [TSR 6/10] 2. I Am Number Four - $19,500,000 I 3,154 I $19,500,000 I 1... [TSR 3/10] 3. Gnomeo and Juliet - $19,400,000 I 3,014 I $50,421,000 I 2... [TSR 2/10] 4. Just Go With It - $18,200,000 I 3,548 $60,756,000 I 2... [TSR 6/10] 5. Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son - $17,000,000 I 2,821 I $17,000,000 I 1... [TSR 2/10] Source: www.boxofficemojo.com

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This was a weekend full of surprises. Unknown showed a lead earlier on, but given the cast, I never would have pegged it for a number one movie. Sure enough, it grabbed the coveted spot.

That was bad news for I Am Number Four which fell to number two as a result. Even it's hold on number two was a tenuous one, with Gnomeo and Juliet right on its heels in third place.

Just Go With It fell to fourth, but considering Sandler's luck with some of his more recent endeavors and the fact that I'm still not ready to forgive him for Little Nicky, I'm sure he'll take what he can get.

Finally, and this should be no surprise, in fifth place is Big Momma's House: Like Father, Like Son. In its defense, it would seem distributors didn't have much faith in the film since it clearly has the least amount of theaters showing it, but can you really blame the theater management types?

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