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Box Office Review - April 25 - 'How to Train Dragon' beats J Lo and 'Losers'

Box Office Review – April 23 – 25 - Dragon Wins Out Over Newcomers Rank. Movie Title – Weekend Gross | Theaters | Total Gross | Week #

1. How to Train Your Dragon - $15,025,000 I 3,665 I $178,021,000 I 5 2. The Back-Up Plan - $12,250,000 I 3,280 I $12,250,000 I 1 3. Date Night - $10,600,000 I 3,294 I $63,471,000 I 3 4. The Losers - $9,605,000 I 2,936 I $9,605,000 I 1 5. Kick-Ass - $9,500,000 I 3,065 I $34,870,000 I 2

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After How to Train Your Dragon’s false start last weekend, it’s looking like it’s got a pretty solid lead on this weekend’s newcomers. The fantasy flick boasts the biggest numbers of screens on this top 5, plus positive reviews certainly are keeping it flying high.

In second place is the J. Lo baby mama drama flick, The Back-Up Plan. Audiences weren’t feeling the love for this newcomer. Negative reviews from pretty much all around aren’t helping, plus the female lead and her backside don’t seem to be that bankable these days. Then again, after Gigli it’s not hard to see why.

Date Night seems to have finally found its place in this whole mess. After its miscounted opening weekend, it’s finally found a home at the number three spot. It’s not surprising with the mediocre to enjoyable reviews, but with two newcomers this weekend, Date Night has certainly proven its worth.

In fourth place is The Losers whose name seems embarrassingly appropriate. Zoe Saldana, who’s been a hitmaker for the past few movies she’s been in, evidently bet on the wrong horse this time. Receiving mostly negative reviews, although Morrow’s may have seemed a bit harsh, didn’t help this stinker.

Finally, Kick-Ass’s reign seems to have ended too soon. The superhero flick, which has gained critical praise, hasn’t been able to find its audience yet. Not a good sign for the creators, who were probably counting on this to be a superhero hit, but who knows what next weekend has in store for it?

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