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TSRn: Jeremy Renner slides into driver's seat for 'Slingshot'

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News: Paramount Pictures is going forward with a project called Slingshot in which Jeremy Renner will start and also produce. Source: Hollywood Reporter

Thoughts by TSR: Renner is a tough guy. Renner is also our main action hero going forward. Don't believe me? Well, he's already on board in the superhero world playing Hawkeye in The Avenger and that cameo in Thor. He is also working on a Steve McQueen biopic. The most important action item on his list is The Bourne Legacy. He's taking over for Matt Damon. If Bourne, with its built in audience doesn't rake it in, we'll know Renner's tough guy days are behind him.

Slingshot is a story about a man who buys a $500 BMW off of Craigslist, and then won the World Rally Championships in Mexico. It's based on the life of Bill Caswell.

Renner and Handfield are also at work on a Steve McQueen biopic, while the actor himself is currently shooting "The Avengers" before segueing into "The Bourne Legacy".

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