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TSRn: 'Hangover III' might take place in mental ward

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News: In his latest cover interview with Rolling Stone magazine, "reluctant superstar" Zach Galifianakis spilled some plot beans concerning the potential synopsis for the inevitable sequel to The Hangover Part II. According to Galifianakis, "the plot ditches the format of the first two and focuses on his character escaping from a mental institution with the help from the wolf pack." Source: Rolling Stone

Thoughts by TSR: "Okay, this time, we swear, it'll be different." Todd Phillips and his Wolf Pack squeezed out a carbon copy of the first movie with The Hangover Part II, and now even the creative forces behind it are getting tired of the same gambit. Or, we can hope.

Details released by Galifianakis are slim, and unconfirmed, but it can get one thinking. What would a wolf pack story be like if it didn't rely entirely on bad memories and a party mystery? Let's be honest though. There doesn't seem like much of a chance that this movie will actually stand outside of the formula. It will probably begin with a night of drinking, and then kick-off with Alan in a mental ward. Cue a crazy car chase, some random hooker, and a Mike Tyson cameo. Bradley Cooper's character will be unscratched, and still essentially useless.

Also discouraging about this plot idea is the concept of putting Galifianakis' character Alan in a mental ward. I like to think that his character is not actually insane, but simply, terminally dumb. Putting him in a mental ward seems like more bait for crazy talk, which is bound to include references to pager reception and something something Jonas Brothers. Todd Phillips, if you need a hack screenwriter, give me a call. Or, we can just start a dialogue in the comment section.

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