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TOP 7 Favorite Interviews (by Jeff Bayer)

We start the Top 7. You finish the Top 10.

It's time for me to look back. Think of this as a "Best of Jeff Bayer." But for your sake, and mine, I won't be focusing on me. Instead, I thought it was time for me to actually figure out the question, "Who is your favorite interview of all time?" People ask, and I don't have an answer. Mainly, that's because I have an awful memory. This week, I added to the list with Ewan McGregor and Mike Mills for the film Beginners. I also have interviews with Kyle Chandler, Elle Fanning and all of the boys in Super 8. I'll link to those interviews when they're up. Until then, here's the TOP 7 Favorite Interviews (by Jeff Bayer).

7. Gavin Hood interview for Tsotsi

Reason: You don't forget your first. I was nervous as hell and had no idea what I was doing. With my questions prepared and hands shaking I learned how this crazy world of interviewing worked. With print, you get 20 minutes. With TV, you get five minutes (if you're lucky). Hood answered everything I asked, and I walked away relieved I remembered to hit the record button. I also finally met a Oscar nominee, and a few weeks later, he won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film. It was a great start for me.

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6. Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman interviews for Kung Fu Panda 2

Reason: It's easy to admit, but I like the legends. Hoffman is the most celebrated, acclaimed actor I have had the honor of sitting down with. Jack Black was in the room as well, and that actually didn't hurt a thing. Hoffman was full of energy. When I walked in, he looked me up and down and said, "What are you? 6'6"?" He nailed it. Most importantly, with slight prompting, he said one of the famous lines he's known for from Midnight Cowboy. I couldn't wait to tell everyone.


5. Christian Bale interview for 3:10 to Yuma

Reason: Everything he said just sounded tougher. After all, this was, and still is Batman. While he's not been recognized like Hoffman, that's only because he's not that old yet. This is a kid actor who has absolutely had some reported difficulties on set (Terminator: Salvation) and off (his family), but you can't argue with his body of theatrical work. It's insanely impressive. Plus, with this interview, I started things off in an insane direction; I talked about my tonsils.

I sat down with Batman and talked about my tonsils. Sure, movie star Christian Bale is currently filming “The Dark Knight,” the follow-up to “Batman Begins,” and he might have better things to talk about (and don’t worry, we did) but I had just had mine removed four days before the interview took place at the Four Seasons downtown.

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4. Johnny Depp interview for Rango

Reason: He's just cool. I didn't mind he was taking a long lunch. I waited. I was first in line when he returned. Everything about him seemed at ease. I understand Depp doesn't have much to worry about, but somehow he was overdoing the calm/cool/collected. Plus, he talked about playing Carol Channing. I don't think anyone else got that from him on that day.