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TSRn: Jeremy Renner to replace Matt Damon in the 'Bourne' franchise

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News: Bourne again! Universal Pictures has offered Jeremy Renner the starring role in The Bourne Legacy. Source: Deadline

Thoughts by TSR: Universal Pictures has been trying to figure out a way to keep the very successful Bourne movies going. Matt Damon looks to be out, and Renner is poised to take his place. Renner is best known from The Hurt Locker and most recently The Town. You know what I was thinking when I was watching The Town? Damon could have done it. That's how well Ben Affleck and Renner played off of each other. So, if I was already thinking Damon could fill Renner's shoes, why not try it the other way around? In The Bourne Legacy Renner is said to play "an operative from a covert government program that is even more dangerous than the Treadstone brainwashing program that hatched Bourne." I love the "even more" that's thrown in there. The film is said to be directed by Tony Gilroy who had a hand in writing all three of the previous Bourne films and also directed the insanely good Michael Clayton. Having Renner in the Bourne role just feels right.

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