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TSRn: Bradley Cooper to Play Lucifer in 'Paradise Lost'

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News: Bradley Cooper of The Hangover fame has snagged the part of Lucifer in 'Paradise Lost'. Loosely based on John Milton's epic poem, the movie adaptation will be presented in 3D.
Source: IndieWire

Thoughts by TSR: Bradley Cooper has been cast in the role of Lucifer in Milton's spectacular classic 'Paradise Lost'. Yes, it's pandering, but it's not necessarily a bad thing. Let's see what Cooper can do with a juicy role such as this one. Plus, physically-speaking, he fits Lucifer: in the epic, Lucifer starts out as a gorgeous fallen angel, who quickly descends into twisted and hideous depravity.

That being said...

'Paradise Lost' is one of the greatest epic poems in print. The epic is made up of more than ten thousand individual lines of poetry, most of which Milton dictated as he lost his sight. It's beautiful and it's tragic and it's immemorial, and the best way to do it justice is...


This better be the most majestic, disturbing experience of our lives, Hollywood. We better be EMERSED in all three dimensions. Because otherwise, Hollywood, you are primed to rape one of the greatest epic poems in print.

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