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Land of the Lost and New Moon Rumors Denied

Land of the Lost and Vanessa Hudgens Howls "Not so!" Land of the Lost Hits Post-Production

It's like a dream--Will Farrell and Danny McBride (Farrell's discovery in The Foot Fist Way) in a remake of a silly 70's TV show with dinosaurs...don't wake us. Think Jurassic Park and Anchorman with a generous dash of totally awesome and what you have is four helpings of the Best Movie Ever -- hot and ready to serve. Land of the Lost is now officially in post-production, and we're getting our first peek at movie stills and the first official poster. We are also urging everyone to prep your pitchforks and torches--if Hollywood takes an entertaining idea and churns out yet another below-average dingleberry on the ass of American cinema, we're going to need an angry mob, stat.

Source: hollywoodchicago.com

Vanessa Hudgens Howls "Not so!" ... New Moon Rumors Denied

Apparently, Ashley Greene was either smoking something or being intentionally deceptive when she reported that Vanessa Hudgens was trying out for the role of werewolf Leah Clearwater in New Moon. And like any lit match thrown into a major gas leak, the story exploded and set the world ablaze. Nifty as it is, in theory, it is--unfortunately--an utter fabrication. Summit and Hudgens' people adamantly deny that Hudgens auditioned for the role or even showed a faint interest in joining Team Twilight.

Source: newsfeedresearcher.com

And in other Twilight news, we have unearthed the one official "hater" of the Twilight series who has enough anger and time on their hands to rant about the alleged Meyer suck-fest. The mysterious columnist, known only as "Feydakin" starts out with a thoughtful critique of Meyer's butchery of the vampire myth and then quickly deteriorates into surly ranting. Feydakin writes "if you dare tell me that is a profound and memorable relationship, you're either a liar or an idiot." The writer then goes on to taunt the audience and spew a lot more fury and spittle about how the world is peppered with drooling idiots. We are sure the "Meyer Blows Manifesto" will be well-received by the millions of steely-eyed Twilight fans.

Source: http://neoavant.com/2009/01/the-twilight-backlash-is-warranted/

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