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Michael Cera or Robert Pattinson to play the next Spider-Man?

There isn't a whole lot to post here, as this is just speculation. But as some of you may know by now, Sam Raimi and actor Tobey Maguire have jumped ship from the Spider-Man series, and the comic book character is about to get his own rebooting. Now, with the board cleared, it's time to speculate who will be next to wear Peter Parker's thick rimmed glasses and share in his epic spider-bite side effects. The Daily Record has a tip that says Twilight's Robert Pattinson or Youth in Revolt's Michael Cera are "among those tipped by Hollywood watchers." Another actor, Chace Crawford, has had his name thrown into the mix.

What do you think? Do any of these three heartthrobs have any chance at being a decent superhero? Some of them might be able to nail the nebbish-ness of Peter Parker, but do any of them have a chance at offering some great action also? Or, who would you like to suggest for the part? Perhaps Jake Gyllenhaal? Either way, I think it would be very amusing to see Cera fly throughout New York City, but it would be quite an expensive joke. Which is what a lot of people seemed to think about Spider-Man 3.

Source: The Daily Record

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