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Michael Sheen to play super-villain Blofeld against Daniel Craig in Bond 23?

Right now this is just S.P.E.C(T.R.E)ulation, so this information may be best For Your Eyes Only. The Guardian is reporting that Frost/Nixon and New Moon star Michael Sheen is in negotiations to play the classic Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld for the next Bond film opposite Daniel Craig, due out in 2011. Assisting in this decision is Peter Morgan, a co-screenwriter enlisted for the new Bond film who worked with Sheen on Frost and also The Queen.

Right now there is not a lot known about this rumor. But for the record, Sheen is listed as being rumored for the Blofeld role on IMDB.com, which to me adds a bit more authenticity to all of this. At the least, it seems to solidify that the famous Bond villain will return in the twenty-third film of the James Bond saga.

Used in six Bond films, Blofeld was an important arch enemy to the first half of the Bond franchise. He was the leader of global terrorist group SPECTRE. In fact, many of the lead villains, including Dr. No or Emelio Largo (from Thunderball), were all working for this man known to us by his white cat, scar, and gray suit.

First, Sheen is a pretty great actor, so it's likely he'll bring a great performance to this classic character (who in the past has been played by Terry Savallas and Donald Pleasance). Second, the re-introduction of Blofeld seemed almost necessary when we started hearing about that mysterious "Quantum" group in last November's Quantum of Solace. Likely, this new version of Blofeld will assume the same position at the top of the millionaire villains who are, in a way, his henchmen. I trust that the new screenwriters will not allow the new Blofeld to head in a cheesy direction, especially when trying to shake off all of the Dr. Evil parodies from the Austin Powers movies.

What do you think, Bond fans? Is the re-introduction of Blofeld necessary, welcomed, or is it just outdated? Can anyone imagine a bald Michael Sheen with a scar on his face, and petting a white cat?

Source: The Guardian

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