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Jamie Lee Curtis and Kristin Chenoweth added to Disney's You Again

Disney's upcoming comedy You Again has just added some more female star power to the lineup. Jamie Lee Curtis and Kristin Chenoweth will join Kristen Bell, Sigourney Weaver, Betty White, Victor Garber and Odette Yustman in the Andy Flickman directed film according to The Hollywood Reporter. In the story Bell plays a woman who realizes her brother is about to marry a girl who made her life miserable back in high school. She does everything she can to convince him that his fiancee is not as nice as she appears.

Curtis is no stranger to Disney films after Freaky Friday in 2003 and Beverly Hills Chihuahua last year. She and Garber will play Bell's parents with White backing them up as Bell's grandmother. Weaver plays a rich aunt and Chenoweth plays the wedding coordinator while Yustman fills the role of Bell's former nemesis.

The project, which is scheduled to start shooting this summer in Los Angeles, also includes screenwriter Moe Jelline and producers Eric Tannenbaum and John Strauss.

There's good comedy potential here with the premise and the cast and I challenge anyone to try not to like the amazingly cute Kristen Bell.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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