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Online Casino film for Leonardo DiCaprio

Lots of people enjoy casinos. In fact some people like gambling so much they're willing to part with their cash (or maybe win occasionally) in the virtual world without even setting foot in a casino. People also like casino movies like Ocean's Eleven and Casino so why wouldn't they like a film about online casinos? Paramount Pictures likes the odds and is putting money on Leonardo DiCaprio in an untitled project about the world of online casinos, according to Variety. DiCaprio is attached to star in and produce the film, which will be based in Costa Rica.

The nameless project was written by Brian Koppelman and David Levien who have previously contributed to Rounders, The Girlfriend Experience and Ocean's Thirteen. They clearly have some experience related to the topic.

I'm not ready to bet on this one yet. The interesting part of casinos and usually a main theme in movies about them is the seedy side of the business and the mobster/gangster feeling associated with them. Is this still the case with online casinos? If not, then what's the draw?

I don't want to play at a cold table so until we know a little more about this one I'll be on the sidelines.

Source: Variety


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