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Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz going to Wichita

Last month, it seemed like Tom Cruise was scurrying to find his next leading project, enlisting the help of various script doctors to help mold whatever was to be his next picture. He was looking at various films, such as Len Wiseman's Motorcade, and even The Tourist, which would have been opposite Charlize Theron. Now, Variety is reporting that Tom Cruise has made his choice. He has finally landed on Wichita, a film described by the site as an action comedy about "a secret agent who pops in and out of the life of a single woman." It will be directed by Walk the Line leader James Mangold, and will co-star Cameron Diaz. Right now, Cruise and Diaz have both approved the scripts, and are currently in the stage of serious negotiations.

The script has been in the hands of many writers, but more recently was tweaked by Mangold and Laeta Kalogridis, along with Scott Frank.

Though nothing is entirely solid just yet, 20th Century Fox is shooting for a summer 2010 release for Wichita.

Source: Variety

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