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Mission Impossible 4 in the works, Tom Cruise to act, J.J Abrams to produce

Set to release in 2011, a fourth film to the Mission Impossible franchise is starting to gain some momentum. J.J Abrams, the director of Mission Impossible III and this year's Star Trek has just assigned two writers to the project, Andre Nemec and Josh Applebaum. Those familiar with Abrams' series "Alias" might recognize their names with executive producing credits from the show. They held that position for four seasons, and are now stepping up to the big leagues through Abrams' "Bad Robot" company to work on a script for "M:I 4," using a story they cowrote with Abrams.

As of now, Tom Cruise and Abrams are set to produce, and other than the two aforementioned writers are the only ones on board.

"I've been looking forward to working with Josh and Andre again for years," said Abrams. "Their sense of balance between character and action is wonderful, which I know is hugely important to Tom as well. We're off to an exciting start, so as usual, fingers crossed."

The Mission Impossible franchise is a series that seems to focus more on meeting action blockbuster quota than serving a dedicated fanbase (because I doubt one really exists). Especially with the last two Mission Impossible films, explosions and stunts seem to have been key ingredients, not to mention the obligatory wire-hanging scene. It is rather unlikely that this franchise will ever reach beyond a good fix for scenes that involve Tom Cruise driving a motorcycle through some flames. There doesn't seem to be much of a demand for one.

That being said, I will say something else. "If you make it, they will come," mis-quoted from Field of Dreams, but certainly fitting for this series. Especially with Abrams' fanbase growing with his recent Trek success, M:I 4 will definitely have an audience, not to mention those that still believe in Tom Cruise. While I found the third film to be mighty self-indulgent on Cruise's part, (beyond action hero standards), there's little reason to shut down a new film. The mission for part four and the others is simple: entertainment. Abrams definitely knows how to complete that task.

Source: Variety

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