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Ryan Reynolds Gets X-Men Origins Spinoff - Deadpool

During some of his interviews promoting X-Men Origins: Wolverine, actor Ryan Reynolds slyly mentioned that he wanted to do a spinoff of his own, but with his character Deadpool. Now his wish has come true, as Variety is reporting that Twentieth Century Fox has started development on "Deadpool," with the project being catered to Reynolds.

In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds played Wade Wilson, a cocky assassin who volunteers himself to a genetic experiment which makes him into the seemingly invincible, all-powerful Deadpool. Apparently in one of the few endings for Wolverine, his character whispered "shh" to the audience after rising from the wreckage. (Which, according to the version I saw, doesn't sound entirely plausible...).

This news comes not long after a Wolverine sequel was announced, read about that HERE, and also comes hand in hand with a few other X-Men projects. Fox is also working on X-Men Origins: Magneto, which is using a script written by Shelton Turner. Another movie about the beginnings of X-Men like Cyclops and Beast is in the works - X-Men: First Class. That project is being scripted by Josh Schwartz and produced by Lauren Shuler-Donner.

News of a Deadpool spinoff is exciting, despite its randomness. But while Deadpool offered some of the new Wolverine films best action moments, it is a wonder why other X-Men aren't getting the same treatment. It's nice to hear a Magneto movie is in the works, but why not something on Professor X? It feels like this Deadpool movie is being pushed more by Ryan Reynolds' dream to play an action hero than by fan motivation. Other characters have been built up by the trilogy, and this villain is introduced in one spin-off and finally gets his own movie? That's a bit weird. But there's no way I'm going to miss a movie involving Ryan Reynolds shooting lasers out his eyes (Cyclops' power) while trying to stab with Wolverine's claws, so I'll just stay content for now.

Source: Variety

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