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Zac Efron wants to remake Back to the Future

Great Scott! Will Zac Efron just leave the 80's alone? Speaking to Teen Hollywood, the High School Musical and 17 Again star was all jazzed up about playing the role made classic by Michael J. Fox. Much of his enthusiasm seems to come from his childhood, as he told the website: "Growing up, my favorite thing was to go into the car and play Back to the Future. I would pretend I was Marty McFly."

On top of this, Efron even has his own DeLorean, which was reportedly given to him by his grandfather.

As concerned as I may be, I'm also confused. Did this mean Efron used to play with the car radio or obtain plutonium illegally?

For the record, there has indeed been talk of another Back to the Future - but not in a good way. Writer/producer of the trilogy Bob Gale said last year said that there are no plans. "The filmmakers - we love [the three films] just the way they are. I'm sure Universal would love it if we were to say to them, 'Hey, let's do another one,' but I don't think we could ever make a fourth film that would live up to how great the first three are, so we're going to leave well enough alone."

Those words are comforting, but who knows as we go into the future whether they shall remain true. Either way, I don't think Efron would be a horrible choice to play McFly. He's got the ambitious teen actor thing going on - kind of like Kurt Russell when he was doing movies like The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes and then Escape from New York only eleven years later. At the least, he's not doing that Footloose remake.

What do you think, Efron-ites? Would he make a good "chicken" or not?

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