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The Dark Knight Returns in 2011

The freshest news involving the next Batman movie isn't completely solid, but it's way better than that junk we heard involving Shia LeBouf or even Cher. A New Jersey paper, the Courier-Post, talked to Dark Knight executive producer Michael Uslan to discuss his career and previous Batman business. Uslan revealed in the interview that he is signed on to continue his role as executive producer in the next film from the franchise, which he has said should be in theaters by 2011.

However, he would not divulge any more information, particularly that of the next villains. "If I told you," he said, "I'd have to kill you."

This is great to hear, simply for the sigh of relief that there will be a followup to the almighty Dark Knight. With such news comes the near promise that other factual information regarding this new Batman film will start to pop up. Basically, within a few months we should have a better idea of who will be involved with the latest film. Will Christopher Nolan step back up to the plate and direct? What new villains will be introduced, and who will play them? Will someone else play the Joker? Let the return of nerd-ery begin!

Source: Courier-Post


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