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TSRn: Arnold Schwarzengger will be back as the Terminator, directed by 'Fast Five's Justin Lin

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News: Ex-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is attached to star in a new Terminator film in a pitch being shopped around mega Hollywood studios. Basically, he's back on board with the franchise. Justin Lin, director of this week's Fast Five, is already attached to direct. Source: Deadline

Thoughts by TSR: With Schwarzenegger now expressing interest in getting back into showbiz, it didn't seem like another Terminator movie was far behind. While Schwarzenegger can be identified with numerous roles, this one might be his most ultimate. (His jokey new "Governator" character, is hopefully going to dwindle away soon after its TV show premieres, so that Arnold can focus on better things).

The idea of a new Terminator movie with a veteran Terminator is exciting for many reasons. For one, we won't have an awkward wannabe show like Terminator Salvation, which nearly buried the whole franchise as far as a lot of people were concerned (I thought it was OK at best). Second, the idea of Schwarzenegger being "back" is exciting enough, especially if he can continue to do the same memorable ass-kicking he did only in spurts during Terminator: Rise of the Machines.

The return of Arnold is great enough, especially since Hollywood is in desperate need of more appetizing, non-comic book hero action flicks. A new Terminator movie is icing on the Schwarzenegger career reboot cake. Regardless of how silly the movie may be (is this "package" even being shopped around with a story? I should hope so), it will be bringing some classic elements to Hollywood, and taking advantage of every mainstream movie watching demographics' appreciation for Schwarzenegger. You want to make money, Hollywood? Make something that doesn't just appeal to the 18-35 demographic, but also entertains those who were around for (and likely loved) the original.

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