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TSR Buzz: John Waters is out, some idiot hated 'Drive,' and what movie represents your state?

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  • Tuesday was National Coming Out Day. John Waters discusses his feelings on the subject, and makes me wish once again that he was my drinking buddy.


  • This infographic shows a movie that represents each of the 50 states. I'm sure Oregon is glad to have The Goonies, but Washington may not feel that First Blood does a great job representing them (or do they).
  • This is why bicycles aren't the most popular mode of transportation in rural Africa.


  • A woman is suing the a theater chain and the distributors of Drive having a misleading trailer (it wasn't like The Fast and Furious series) and for racism against Jews? Was anyone supposed to be Jewish in the movie? I was busy actually watching the film. Maybe she got this one confused with Gosling's The Believer? No clue. I'm actually offended that she's suing this movie for being bad, the filmmakers should file a counter-suit against her for daring to see their movie when she clearly has such bad taste.

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