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TSR Buzz: Jon Benjamin & David Cross in Funny or Die, The IT Crowd explores The Internet, and a drunk rabbit

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  • 30 Minutes or Less comes out tomorrow and it's like Funny or Die doesn't care. But hey, you can still watch H. Jon Benjamin and David Cross Jew up the place.

  • I finished all four season of The IT Crowd last week. It kinds of makes me want to cry that I've run out of new episodes. Until they decide whether to make another season, I'll just rewatch this clip in which Jen is given The Internet. And yes, that's Chris O'Dowd from Bridesmaids.


  • So You Think You Can Dance is having it's season finale this week too. Tonight were the final performances, but I really liked this one, performed to Beirut's "Gulag Orkester".


  • I really could not find anything else on the internet this week. You know what's at the end of the Internet? A drunk rabbit.


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