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TSR Buzz: Own The Dude's bungalow from 'The Big Lewbowksi,' 'Fringe' holds auditions, and 'The Shining' is even creepier

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  • Fans of Fringe know, the season ended with a whopper of a cliffhanger. So the question remains, will Peter be back next season? If this video is any indication, I think the answer is yes.


  • The Shining is one creepy movie. Anyone who has been to Timberline Lodge (the exterior for the hotel in the film) knows that the huge inside of the Overlook looks nothing like the interior of Timberline. But before watching these videos, I had no idea how messed up the spatial relations in the fictional hotel were.



  • David Wu's resignation is big news here in PDX. Apparently, it's kind of big in Taiwan too. But even if you don't know anything about him, this video is very entertaining.



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