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TSR Buzz: 'The Dark Knight Rises' teaser poster, six minutes of 'Project Nim'

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  • Terrence Malick is an incredibly guarded filmmaker. Though people may declare that they love him (especially for his most recent film, The Tree of Life), little is known about Malick. Let this write-up by the Independent take away some of the mystery, while simultaneously adding on a whole new perplexing level to his identity. This article will also make little more sense out of Tree of Life, especially the brother's stories. It will also surprise you to hear that Malick LOVES Zoolander.

The Secret Life of Terrence Malick

  • I didn't write anything about Green Lantern, but after reading this feature by TheShiznit, I wish I had. This writer has nearly all of my gripes with the film, and more. Science Building! Why didn't I think of that?

The 10 Dumbest Things About Green Lantern

  • Poor Neil. Or as Trebek would say, "Ohh, darn."


  • According to Youtube, Tonje is "Norway's Rebecca Black." Well, what do you think? Is "I Don't Want To Be A Crappy Housewife" worthy of "Friday" status?


  • Project Nim, like Man on Wire before it, is bound to be one of this year's buzz documentaries. I gave it a 7/10 (read review here) last week. Here's the first six minutes of the film, which are great indeed.

  • The teaser poster for The Dark Knight Rises has arrived. Needless to say, I like it a lot.

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