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TSR Buzz: The Ultimate Oscar Pool, Hughes' Zelda Trailer, 'Star Wars Begins,' Bert and Ernie in 'Casino'

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  • You need something more out of your Oscar betting pools, don't you? Well, now you can Bowl the Perfect Oscar Game! Yes, I created it. You're welcome. Look for my Oscar picks on Saturday.
  • From what nerds have told me, Zelda turned 25 this week. So it seems appropriate to showcase John Hughes' long lost "The Legend of Zelda" Trailer.


  • Take Me On Tonight starring Topher Grace should at least have some good music. Right? Atomic Tom covers "Don't You Want Me."


  • If you don't remember, Inception was my favorite movie of the year. This TV film critic doesn't agree. He is also someone that I am annoyed to have the same job as (yes, I am a TV film critic).

  • Star Wars Begins is a fan documentary of Star Wars that I will easily lose an entire afternoon watching.


  • This is not safe for work (language). Bert and Ernie enjoy a couple of minutes as Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro from Casino. I need to watch that movie again. Loved it the first three times.


  • I love "Single Ladies." I can't help it. It's a great hook. Now, I'm not sure if I love it more or less watching Thom Yorke spazz out to it. What do you think? If you're confused, then you didn't read Nick's TSR Buzz yesterday where he posted Radiohead's new video "Lotus Flower."


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