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TSR Buzz: 3D in 3D, The Lonely Island "Just Had Sex," Wendy's "Chili Can Be Served With Cheese"

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  • I will let this (very clever) horror show speak for itself. I imagine that this will be featured in a contemporary art museum one day as soon as someone actually puts it in ... 3D.


  • This site features an uncommon amount of hilarious submissions. "Dear blank, please blank" is a simple as it sounds, but the results are very impressive. Good job, internet!

Dear blank, please blank

  • One thing I complained about in my recent TSR Blog post, "Dumb Things I Will Not Miss From This Past Holiday Season" was the car commercials. I referenced Youtube duo "Pomplamoose" as a slight rare exception to my aggression towards such ads. Here's a reference to one of their commercials, which I'm sure you saw if you watched any football in the last two weeks. For those who don't know Pomplamoose, they're a duo who earned internet notoriety with various covers, a few originals, and of course, the Zooey Deschanel-like self-aware cuteness of its lead singer. (Commenting wisely on one of these commercials, a Youtuber said, "Aaah!! My indie cred!")


  • The Lonely Island (Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone) just had sex. (But it wasn't as good as "Boombox" with Julian Casablancas). This new music video promoting the "fake MC's" second album features Akon, John McEnroe, Blake Lively, and Jessica Alba.


  • While I do not think I could ever eat Wendy's chili, after watching this video I know exactly how to serve it. And also how to do handle other foods. This funky jingle wiggles into your brain like musical tapeworm. On top of that, there are other educational tunes from this era of Wendy's training (but I won't bother you by posting them).


  • I was going to try to write something that summarizes this year in film, but then I read this. Here is A.O Scott's concise breakdown of the themes and trends that stood out this year, along with his unusual annual top ten list, which includes movies like Greenberg.

A.O Scott's Roundup of 2010

  • One film also on Scott's list is the underrated Somewhere, the new film by Sofia Coppola. I am a large fan of the film, and also its soundtrack, which includes a demo of a song by The Strokes. Titled "I'll Try Anything Once," this demo track features singer/lead Strokes songwriter Julian Casablancas singing with a solo electric piano (a song that would later shape into "You Only Live Once"). Its usage in the film is impeccable.


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