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TSR Buzz: French Dancing, Pot Smoking Bears, and Wayne Brady + Mike Tyson

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  • Emma Stone hosted SNL a few weeks ago and did a great job.  This particular skit wasn't available on Hulu, probably because they didn't license the music in it.  It's pretty great though.  The dancing is the best I've seen outside of a Charlie Brown special.


  • Did you watch the premiere of The Walking Dead on Sunday?  Apparently, 5.3 million people did, making it AMC's biggest premiere ever. If you want more, go to iTunes where you can download a motion comic book of the first episode of The Walking Dead.
  • What is up with Taiwanese news?  From the station that brought you the animated Tiger Woods getting beat by his wife with a golf club clip, please to enjoy this "explanation" of Prop 19.  This makes no sense, except for pothead bear.


  • Paul Rudd hasn't always been cool.  Once upon a time he was in this Super Nintendo ad, showing the other nerds at the old drive in who's in charge.


  • Wayne Brady and Mike Tyson come together to recreate Bobby Brown's "Every Little Step" video.  The results are pretty awesome.

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