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TSR Buzz: Willow Smith supports concussions and iPhone madness

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  • iDon't listen to Atomic Tom. If I were in the same train car as them, I would probably bail. But, I do e-congratulate them on a clever tactic to promote their work with pre-existing tools, and for also providing entertainment on a subway train that is more enjoyable than dumb loud fratboys. This video features the quartet performing their song "Take Me Out" using only applications on their iPhones.


  • A Brooklyn dad and his young son help put an iPhone into space. They fly it with a balloon, record the journey with the iPhone camera, and even use the iPhone's GPS to retrieve it. This is astounding stuff. You must watch this, and in full screen.

Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

  • It's fair to say that David Lynch isn't a director who believes in telling things straight forward. This is not the case here, as Lynch is crystal clear in this video. Don't watch Blue Velvet on your phone, or that weird homeless guy-creature from Mullholland Drive will haunt you. "Get real!"


  • Here you go, David Lynch, and other iPhone non-supporters. This will make you happy. "Will It Blend?" is an excellent series on Youtube. If you like watching things be destroyed in a controlled environment, as hosted by a man who sounds like he lost a job to a game show host, you should really check this out.


Uh oh. Here's another Lil' Smith (the sequel to Jaden) that encourages erratic behavior in teens and pre-teens. While her brother promoted vicious knockouts and over-the-top fighting in The Karate Kid, nine-year-old Willow Smith is endorsing reckless head-banging, and as she calls it, "hair whipping." What about this doesn't sound dangerous? How can kids do this without smacking each other with either their hair, or knocking their actual heads? Listen, hip-pop music. I know you're a dumb bunch, and that Willow (not named after the George Lucas movie, sad to say) sounds like a chipmunk here, but take a note from heavy metal. When Quiet Riot said "Bang Your Head," they did not mean to move your skull all over the place, creating a circumference that exceeds a width beyond natural personal space. Instead, it was more of a dedicated head nodding. Hell, even Busta Rhymes caught onto this with "Break Ya F**kin' Neck," which was inept, but at least it wasn't "Whip My Hair" stupid. Really, while I bemoan another stupid dance move from pop music, I should probably be pondering which franchise Willow will get to "remake" with her daddy's help. (Crossing my fingers for a Bratz reboot!) Until then, I'll keep my eye out for "Whip My Hair" related concussion-massacres at school dances.


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