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TSR Buzz: Cephalopods in Love, Anyone Can Play Guitar and Children Being Chased By Zombies

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  • Indie GoGo is a website that allows musicians, filmmakers and others with ideas to connect with an audience willing to fund their ideas. Jon Spira is looking for money to finish the film Anyone Can Play Guitar. This documentary about the Oxford, England music scene that spawned bands like Radiohead, Supergrass and Ride. Help them by donating $30 to finish the film and they'll send you a copy of the DVD when it's done! Here's the trailer:

Anyone Can Play Guitar Trailer from video jon on Vimeo.

  • Sometimes, I don't have enough cuteness in my day. Then I watch a short film about cephalopods. Forget having six hearts between them, they also have at least fourteen tentacles.

  • I loved Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. In case your wondering, this is what I look like as a Scott Pilgrim character. I can't believe they had an exact replica of my boom stick. Go and Scott Pilgrim yourself.
  • Sometimes you just need a little privacy. Another in a series of weird robotic inventions made by people who must be underemployed at work:

  • Finally, straight from Japanese TV, we find the dickiest parents ever!

'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' 35th Anniversary Blu-ray

'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' 35th Anniversary Blu-ray

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