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TSR Buzz - "Tap Into The Power!"

With TSR Buzz, you’ll find links to articles, videos and other random things that will help you waste your time just a little bit more. OK Go is probably one of the only bands in today's business that takes the requirement of selling a song with a music video as a wild creativity challenge. At least, they understand that their videos are more likely to receive non-fan views in the age of Youtube if they offer something truly visually stunning to go along with the song that is being sold. And if their music isn't your kind of groove, at least watch this documentation of one of the internet's best Rude Goldbergs for the cameraman's sake.

Pirate radio is brought to an awesome internet extreme with Filter Music, a website that offers a cornucopia of online radio stations that cover just about every taste bud you have for music. Dub, pop, jazz, rap, hip-hop, and rock on.

Speaking of music, we here at TSR like the Arcade Fire. A lot. So, before Jeff posts this link, I'm gonna beat him to it: Two new Arcade Fire singles are now available for free, totally legal download. Get to it.

New York Magazine continues to make my day better by sharing this exciting news. Hollywood has heard our Shrek-like groans - original scripts are in, and reboots and sequels are out.

While doing research for my film review on the as-of-yet unreleased Looking For Eric, I came across this compilation of French football legend Eric Cantona's best goals. Especially if watching the World Cup has given you soccer fever, your jaw is about to drop as if you had leprosy.

With TSR Buzz, I am also going to be digging through my Youtube favorites and sharing videos that I would hold in a shiny glass case if they were actual objects. As for what may be the case with all of my "classics," you may have seen this before. But since this is the internet, AKA a giant gold mine, there's also a chance you may have not. Get ready to "tap into the power!"

That video inspires me. One day, I hope to be a Mom on the Net.

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