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'Sleeping Beauty' starring Emily Browning - red band trailer review

Sleeping Beauty - red band trailer review Directed by: Julia Leigh Starring: Emily Browning, Rachael Blake, Ewen Leslie Rating: Not Yet Rated Release Date: October 14, 2011 (UK)


Thoughts by TSR: This was a Red Band trailer, but just barely. To the sexually knowledgeable, there are certainly subtle hints, here and there, of some very sinister sexual episodes to be stomached, and a general creepy vibe was diffused throughout. There's very brief nudity in this trailer, but really, as Red Band's go, this was quite mild. I found the Puss in Boots trailer more offensive. Matter of fact, I find a lot of the trailers for today's standard "kids fare" to be far more offensive. But I digress...

The ambient sound in this trailer was very cool, and I loved the symphonic flourish at the end, when the Sleeping Beauty titling hits the screen with full force (right around 1:20). Very cool ominous tone. Emily Browning looks winsome as per usual, and looks to be responsible for carrying the entire film, as she continues on with her trend of playing "institutionalized" and easily abused prey (Sucker Punch, The Uninvited).

All things considered, I found this to be a very effective trailer. It elevated this film's feel to that of literature. The cinematography looks great, the casting good, the general mood relentlessly severe. A certain sense of foreboding emanates. Browning's character looks to be the only bright shiny object here, and I'm personally intrigued to learn more about her character and her character's situation -- just what has she gone and gotten herself into?

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