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'A Better Life' starring Demián Bichir - trailer review

A Better Life Directed by: Chris Weitz Starring: Demián Bichir Rating: PG-13 Release Date: June 24, 2011



MY THOUGHTS: From Chris Weitz, director of New Moon and The Golden Compass (and one of the stars of the infamous Chuck and Buck), comes a movie about illegal immigrants in California. A father (Bichir) gets a truck in the hopes of improving his family's fortunes so he can help his son get a good education. Then the truck gets stolen and he has to get it back without help from the police, since he's an illegal. The tone seems serious, maybe a little sentimental. It just doesn't look that appealing. Maybe it's because the summer movie season hasn't started yet. After a month and a half of brainless action movies, I might be in the mood for something more serious. But it just seems treacly. This could be due to the music in the trailer. Give me something that doesn't sound like you borrowed it from The Notebook. Weitz has directed some good films though, notably About a Boy which may have a similar tone so I'll hold out some hope.

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