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'Puss In Boots' starring Antonio Banderas - teaser trailer review

Puss In Boots Directed by: Chris Miller Starring: Antonio Banderas Rating: Not Yet Rated Release Date: November 4, 2011


MY THOUGHTS: This one really is a teaser, very little is given away about the film. Puss, one of the characters in the later Shrek films gets his own spinoff, presumably about his earlier adventures before he got involved with ogres and donkeys. He looks more like a cross between Zorro and Casanova then the fairy tale character, wooing the ladies, rupturing pinatas, dodging bulls. I think it's pretty clear the film will be set in Spain, or at least the Spain-esque part of Far, Far Away. I can't say it got me excited about the movie though, I think I'm still recovering from the mess that was Shrek Forever After. Still, it doesn't come out for months, maybe the next trailer will change my mind.

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