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'Zookeeper' starring Kevin James and Rosario Dawson - teaser review

Zookeeper Directed by: Frank Coraci Starring: Kevin James Rating: PG Release Date: July 8, 2011


Thoughts by TSR: Kevin James is a Zookeeper who animals talk to. It sounds like a cross between Dr. Doolittle and Night At the Museum. Only with the addition of James running into every stationary object in sight. The trailer doesn't give much more away than that, but already I'm getting a bad feeling. James seems a likable guy but he's fallen into this trap of playing ridiculous idiots in film. I know it's lucrative for him, but I'd love to see him attempt some other kind of character. It doesn't have to be a dramatic role or anything, just someone more real.

Despite having her name in the credits, Dawson is no where to be seen. Joe Rogan's also listed on IMDB as being in the film, is it wrong that I hope an elephant craps on him? Seriously, that was my first thought on seeing his name there. I might be enticed to see this movie if that really happened. Otherwise, I'm not interested, even though this didn't really give me much to go on.

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