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'Every Day' starring Liev Schrieber - trailer review

Every Day Directed by: Richard Levine Starring: Liev Schrieber, Helen Hunt, Carcla Gugino Rating: R Release Date: January 14, 2011 (limited)


MY THOUGHTS: Ya know those mediocre movies that rely on the fact that they've got an all-star cast? Every Day could learn a thing or two from them, because telling me the plot just isn't cutting it. Honestly, the trailer flits from over-exaggerated and cliched life problem to life problem with little emotional resonance.

Even now, having watched the trailer several times in preparation for the mediocrity that follows, I can't quite piece together what made some of these people go for this project? I mean, Liev Schrieber has still got some box office dignity left, hasn't he? I get these sort of straight-to-DVD antics from Helen Hunt because truth be told, I'm struggling to come up with something she was in other than Mad About You and As Good as it Gets.

Still, supposing the cast had their reasons, like Nicolas Cage-sized debt, the problem with the film doesn't seem to be with any of them. Okay, my irrational dislike of Helen Hunt doesn't help her case, but even that aside, the problems of this film run deep. What little pieces of acting and script that I've seen in this trailer read like a "grown-up" Judy Blume novel and excerpts from better movies. In short, Every Day seems like it's just that, every other day at the box office, so why waste my time or money?

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