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'The Last Mountain' - trailer review

The Last Mountain Directed by: Bill Haney Rating: Unrated Release Date: Unknown


MY THOUGHTS: The Last Mountain is a documentary about coal companies and their destruction of Appalachian Mountains in the pursuit of coal.  This last year has been pretty bad for mine accidents, with the Chilean miners (though that one at least ended well) and other severe mine accidents in New Zealand and West Virginia.  The film doesn't seem to deal specifically with these kinds of mine accidents so much as the environmental issues that develop outside of mines, bad water, kids with cancer, buildings covered with coal dust.  It looks a little more in the vein of something like An Inconvenient Truth rather than Harlan County USA, the way large words cover the screen to make a point and the music in the background suggests that something is definitely amiss.  Still it has some elements of the latter, the good, hardworking people of middle America fighting for their rights against the evil corporate titan.  I gotta say, I loved Harlan County, USA so to see another doc following the same sorts of problems 35 years later sounds pretty interesting.  I'm definitely intrigued.

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